Studio K2 Architecture

(no relation to the mountain, though we’d like to go sometime)

Here at Studio K2 Architecture we have a simple equation for design
VISION + COMMUNICATION – ego = Elegant Design Solutions
We are a creative studio that loves to dream, design and draw.
We call this Client Centered Design.

We nurture strong professional relationships, striving for innovative, appropriate design solutions, and above all else, provide excellent service to our clients. Read more about SK2…

Featured Project

Current Projects

3610 Coffee Shop is a tenant improvement project located at 3610 W. Colfax Ave. Originally an existing mechanic shop containing a barrel roof and painted white brick, the owner wants to convert the space into a coffee shop that is warm, inviting, modern but cozy.



In The News

“Stanley Mine could become a new adventure park”

More News…

Art Back into Architecture: Featured Artist Kevin

Welcome back from our blogging hiatuses! To kick off our return to Art Back into Architecture series we will take a look at some of our featured artist’s work of choice.

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